Siloa Chapel, Cwmerfyn

Siloa Chapel
Siloa was established in 1866 as a branch of the Congregational Church of Salem Coedgruffydd - one of the churches founded in north Ceredigion by Azariah Shadrach. A shoemaker named Sylvanus Sylvanus from Cwmsymlog was strongly influenced by the preaching of Azariah Shadrach, and as a result the chapel of Siloa was built. It was known locally as Capel Ucha (the Higher Chapel) to differentiate between it and Bethlehem, the Presbyterian chapel - Capel Isa (the Lower Chapel) at the bottom of the village, which has since closed. Some difficulties arose regarding the original location near Sylvanus's home in Cwmsymlog, and eventually, over 150 years ago, the foundation stone of the chapel was laid on the land of Lletysbens in Cwmerfyn. The extremely musical family of Lletysbens were pillars of the cause from the very beginning - particularly the late John James, who was secretary of the chapel from 1891 until 1958, and his brother, Lewis James, who succeeded him as secretary and precentor. The minister of Salem Coedgruffydd in 1866 was the Revd W. Jansen Davies, and he was also the first minister of Siloa. He was born in Llangyndeyrn, Carmarthenshire, but his family moved to Aberdare when he was a child. He attended Siloa Congregational Church in Aberdare, after which the chapel at Cwmerfyn was named. Jansen Davies was succeeded as minister of Siloa (and Salem Coedgruffydd) by seven ministers in all. There has been no minister at Siloa since 1946, when the ministry of the Revd T. J. Roberts came to an end. Seven ministers were raised to the ministry from Siloa, namely the Reverends David Merfyn Lewis, who served as a minister in Pennsylvania and Alabama, Isaac Inan Jones, Treorci and Penisa'r-waun, Caernarfonshire, Edward Eurfin Morgan, Bynea near Llanelli, Fishguard and Tumble, and James Penry Edwards, Abergorlech, Llansadwrn (Carmarthenshire) and Pentre-tŷ-gwyn.

Siloa has 21 members. A monthly service, beginning at 2 p.m., is held at Siloa between the beginning of March and the end of October.

The officers of the chapel are Dafydd Elwyn Jones (secretary), Dilys Jones (treasurer) and Margaret Mason Pollack (organist). For more details, please contact the secretary (01970 615267).